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The Hook Man

One of the original iterations of the Hookman urban legend involved a teen couple who park on a deserted lane to make-out, and then hear a report on the radio of a serial killer on the loose with a hook for a hand. The boy wants to get to 3rd base (or further), but the girl is scared and wants to go home, so they do. Once they get there, the boy discoveres that a hook and bloody stump are attached to the door handle on the girl’s side of the car. Creepy!

Traditionally, the hookman story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of teenage sexuality — if the girl had acquiesced to the boy’s lusty peer pressure, they would’ve surely been killed. Furthermore, it’s up to the girl to protect her virginity, and thus, her life.


About ilanaturgy

Ilana Brownstein is a dramaturg and director specializing in new play development, based in Boston.

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