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UC Davis

Some impressions from prospective students looking at UC Davis (where Jess goes to school):

• “I thought that Davis was absolutely beautiful  reminded me of yosemite. If they were as prestigious as ucla or berkeley, i’d go there for sure. But sadly, they’re not   Plus I don’t want to go to a school where people can get in with a 3.0 if I worked hard for my 3.8 haha. It just seems like a waste of all that time during my stay here at my cc.”

• ” I don’t like that either. My 4.0 required a lot of effort. Going to Davis decreases the value of that 4.0 slightly; most of the value will now come from the information/skills I’ve retained.”

• “Davis was sooo awesome! They make you feel like they really want you there. Went to the event, had the campus and housing tour, checked out apartments and had lunch in downtown davis! The place is reallllly green and trees everywhere. They had a fair in the quad too… It is just like Berkeley, but less ghetto. Went to Sacramento afterwards and that was nice too. I think I’m going to be an Aggie.”

• “The city of Davis is beautiful, especially the downtown, but the campus is pretty plain (not as ugly as UCSD, though). It’s also extremely difficult to get around without a bike. Suffice it to say, I was on foot the entire day and trekking between the ARC and east campus was tedioussssss.”

• “The student body seems motivated. I’m excited to be involved in political clubs and the upper division classes look very enticing. Lots of babes, but also lots of in-shape males as well. We guys have our competition cut out for us.   Really great restaurants downtown. I went and got a pesto-chicken-tomato crepe at ‘Crepeville.’ One of the best things I’ve eaten in a while.  😛  Housing is a bit sketchy, especially Cuarto. Castillian Hall looks like a converted Motel 6. All that being said, I’m going to be attending, and hopefully the students at Davis will make up for some of the underwhelming aspects. Aggie pride!”

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Ilana Brownstein is a dramaturg and director specializing in new play development, based in Boston.

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