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Impressions from prospective students visiting UConn (where Lexi goes to school):

• “WOW… ice cream I’d had in a long time!! Made with milk from the UConn dairy cattle right there on campus. You can look in the back and see the equipment they use! The worst part was choosing which flavor to order; there were so many that sounded delicious! So if you like ice cream, you NEED to stop at their dairy bar.”

• “One other thing I like about UConn is that students can join their band more easily than at other large public colleges. I love band but don’t play at a state level. In fact, the instruments I play are not used in marching bands in college so I’ll need to learn another one for college. UConn will let me join the band as a beginning tuba player. To me, this is a huge plus. If you’re into band, your might be interested in this.”

• “I thought this would be in a city and was surprised by the small-town feel the campus has. It feels safe. If you want to go to a college in a large city with all that stuff, this isn’t for you.”

• “Typical new engand yankee atmosphere, friendly to each other but no eye contact or talking to anyone outside the clique of students, especially not campus tour participants.”

• “This would be a great state school for residents. You would get a great education value. For out of state, though, it is expensive, over 30K with room and board. For such a renowned athletic school, student facilities for sports activities were surprisingly small, although there is updating going on.”

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Ilana Brownstein is a dramaturg and director specializing in new play development, based in Boston.

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