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It’s All Pizza There

Lexi: (re: In ‘N Out) I miss this. We don’t have this at school, It’s all pizza there.  //  Jess: You’re the one who wanted to go to school on the east coast.

UCONN is in Storrs, CT, and though the cult of Connecticut Apizza (yeah, that’s right, apizza, which is pronounced “a-beetz” by the way) is based in New Haven, Lexi is still a stranger in a strange culinary land.

Some background on the CT Pizza Obsession via the blog Slice:

“Perhaps the most crucial hallmark of the style is its thinness and chewiness. Though crust thickness varies among different New Haven–area pizzerias, they’re often noticeably thinner in the center than New York–style pizzas. And much chewier. The closest thing I can compare it to for those who haven’t eaten it is a very thin slice of ciabatta bread; a New Haven–style crust is crisp-tough on the exterior with a sort of spongey-chewy interior. Other characteristics (or quirks, depending on your viewpoint) are that pies are served whole (no slices); that they are often (but not always) cooked in large coal-fired bakery ovens; and, maybe most crucial to out-of-staters, the fact that a “plain” New Haven apizza is crust, tomato sauce, oregano, and a little bit of grated Romano cheese. Mozzarella cheese is a topping; you have to order it, and it costs extra.”

The heart of the apizza debate centers of three institutions that all lay claim to being the original CT pizza joints: Frank Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern. The Slice blog  has a nice write-up of the differences in these three, and the NYT Dining Section has also engaged the question.

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