Front Ends

Our tireless Set Designer Mike Best, and C1’s Production Manager Alyssa McKeon, visited Nissenbaums Auto yard to check out potential options for Lexi’s car. Didjya know you can just rent an empty front end? Check these out:

Bonus: check out Nissenbaum’s Car Crusher!

(We're going with the white one.)


Refined Costume Ideas

Designer Cara Pacifico shared the next step in her costume plot with us.

Cara says: “We had talked about wanting the characters to have a connection to Jess but, after hearing from Lauren, I think we [also] want to get a greater sense of Lexi’s isolation and discomfort.  [So,] all of the female characters should have a connection to JESS; we should see elements of her in every other female character (and I’m hoping Lexi, as part of her time-warp of grief, sees those elements too.)”

It’s still in process of course, but here’s a sneak peek!

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