The Play

Being a freshman in college is hard when your roommate is weird, home is far away, and Hookman is everywhere! What’s Lexi to do when her old high school friend, Jess, gets killed…I mean – has an accident, a car accident, I think? Not even Facebook stalking the dead can calm the creepy feelings spilling out of the shadows in this existential comic horror slasher – a new play by Lauren Yee.


The XX PLAYLAB is a program developed by the Boston Center for the Arts that fulfills an urgent need in the theatre community by supporting female playwrights in the development and production of new scripts. In this, the program’s first iteration, the BCA and Company One will collaborate to provide a dramaturgical advisor and a series of workshops for one new play over the course of a season, from initial reading to a full production. We’re excited to be working together to bring Lauren Yee’s Hookman through the XX process.



Spring 2011: Lauren Yee selected for Company One’s C1 Lab

Summer 2011: Hookman selected for the XX PlayLab collaboration between the Boston Center for the Arts and Company One

Fall 2011: Kickstarter campaign successfully launched (and completed) to raise funds for playwright travel.

October 30, 2011: 1st public reading of Hookman

Cast: Molly Kimmerling (Lexi), Nicole Prefontaine (Jess), Brian P. Bernhard (Hookman/Sean/Justin), Jacqueline McCoy (Chloe/Kayleigh), Giselle Ty (Yoonji/Jiehae)

January 5, 2012: 2nd public reading of Hookman. Check out the Stuff at Night promo piece about Lauren and the play.

Cast: Tasia A. Jones (Lexi), Nicole Prefontaine (Jess), Danny Balel (Hookman/Sean/Justin), Jacqueline McCoy (Chloe/Kayleigh), Elizabeth Eng (Yoonji/Jiehae)

February, 2012: Rehearsals begin for Hookman production

March 23-April 14, 2012: Run of Lauren Yee’s Hookman, Hall A in the Calderwood Pavilion.



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